Richer than text, simpler than HTML. Download.


Free and open source.

Typhoon is totally free and open source.


No installers. No nonsense.

Typhoon is ONE file. You need installers.



Typhoon is light. Like... really light!!!


Like Exactly a website.

Typhoon automatically creates HTML files, so you can view them and directly post them on your website or server.


Other projects


Project: Amc

A 2D game engine designed for slow computers and high performance. Still a litlle buggy, but you know... (Warning: Still in heavy development)


Project: SDTS

A simple, but powerful and light data storage format, optimized for arrays. (Warning: Still in heavy development)


Project: SDTSEdit

The standard recommended editor for the SDTS file format. (Warning: Still in heavy development)


Other projects

Because of heavy(er) development, I still don't show the other projects. But you can contact me.